AdWords Setup

Professional Adwords campaign management and accounts setup

1. AdWords Account Setup:

The service includes keywords research, negative keywords research, setting up keyword bids, creation of campaigns, ad groups and effective ad variations, 5 gif-banners for content network, consulting.

How does it work:
- you send me the details regarding your website, customers, their location etc
- I do the market and keyword research and let you know the price for your account setup
- You sign in Google AdWords and send me your account ID
- Within 5 days you got fine tuned and ready to work account. All further changes you can do yourself.

Order now and receive one month of campaign management free!

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2. AdWords Account Management:
I constantly manage your AdWords campaign to gain better visibility and improve your advertising ROI with lower cost per sale. My campaign management services include ongoing bid management, ad copy writing, banner creation, ad split testing and ongoing keyword research, ROI (Return On Investment) control, weekly reports.
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3. Google Analytics implementation:
Google Analytics is a powerful statistics tool will allow you to know how good your advertising performs. I can implement Google Analytics in static html pages as well as in content management system of your website.

4. Banner creation:

I offer the creation of high-effective banners as well for content network. It can be static gif banners or dynamic flash banners of all sizes.