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Google Adwords is the most effective way of online advertising. It allows you to quickly compete at the top of the search engines for the most valuable keywords your customers are searching for. Yet two fundamental facts are often overlooked:

(1) Most companies' Google AdWords accounts are poorly set up, badly configured and inadequately maintained. Despite the fact that many make an overall profit, they may still be wasting money that could be saved in the process, further increasing the ROI (Return On Investment).

(2) It is possible to lose money on Google AdWords. It is even possible to make money while simultaneously wasting it.

If incorrectly setup or maintained, your Google AdWords account may be wasting potential. Worse still, it may be wasting your money.

I provide AdWords setup or optimization of your Pay Per Click Campaign(s) so you don't have to worry about getting off to the right start. Your campaign will be properly targeted to avoid loss of money. There is no need to pay monthly management fee as you can manage the campaign yourself. I have a 3-years experience of of Adwords management and achieved Adwords Qualified Individual status as the proof of my skills.

Yahor Shumski, Adwords specialist

AdWords Account Setup includes:
keyword research and optimisation
creation and expansion of ads
pruning of low performance keywords and ads
one month of professional account management
structured campaign management
optimisation and expansion of ad groups
budget management
ad & conversion tracking
improvement of Quality Score
and much more

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Adwords campaign management

My company decided to go with Adwords as a means of marketing and with our little expertise we decided to go to Yahor for advice. From day 1 he was on top of it creating campaigns and testing them out to see which would gain the best results for my website. My website has thus received a decent amount of paid traffic (from Adwords) as well as sales (which really matters), so i believe his service is really worth it. Granted, the longer you/he works at it, the better the results, so thus far I am impressed by his work and professionalism. If anyone is seeking Adwords help, Yahor gets my recommendation!

Jason Fang
Advance Speed Corp.